June 1, 2011

Pay Day Treat: Toms Grey Chambray Cordones

After so many years of working as an advertising junkie, I have mastered the art of dealing with stress.

First, breathe. A must. Failure to do so will lead to disaster obviously. Haha!

Next, turn away from your monitor and take a sip of your favorite coffee. Savor the moment. The effect won't last long...just long enough to calm your nerves and have the next job order sent to your email.

And lastly, pack-up, leave and head to the mall and engage in retail therapy.

I am a firm believer of all three steps, most especially the last one.

Based on experience, I feel most recharged after getting myself anything from the mall.

As in anything. From a cute shirt to a new pair of shoes. I can even settle for a gourmet cup of yogurt or a basic cheeseburger. Anything to keep my mind off work.

Last weekend was no exception.

You see, I've been bombarded with overwhelming work load since early this year, which basically means business is doing well (thank God!). Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining.

But I am only human.

Handling multiple projects all at the same time can be quite a tedious task. And that is an understatement.

So when I finally found the opportunity to just take a breather last weekend, I was quick to accept an invitation to head to Makati for a shopping spree.

Hmmm...since I have an out of town event coming up, might as well get myself a pair of comfortable walkers.

Without thinking twice, I asked my companion to accompany me to Nothing But H20. Apart from being the exclusive distributor of Toms Shoes, Nothing But H20 has the cutest eco bag.:)

Yup, you already know the drill: Canvass, canvass, fit, buy, work hard. The life of a SHOEpaholic.

I already went to several branches of Nothing But H20 in search of my most coveted pair: the Grey Chambray Cordones.

Always out of stock. :(

With no intention of getting anything in particular, I went in the store and scanned the merchandise.

My goodness, I nearly lost my consciousness when I saw my dream pair available.

"Miss, you have a size 9.5 for this one?", I asked almost breathlessly.

Yes Sir, kakarating lang po niyan ngayon! Excited much siya, I swear.

I know right. I waited for like three months di ba? , I said to myself.

But I was just too happy (and excited) to retort back.

Yes, you guessed it right.

Another serendipitous pair.

I liked everything about it:

The light gray colored body with cream laces made it a versatile pair perfect for both casual strolls and semi-formal occasions. Can't wait to try this on with my suit!

The comfortable insoles were simply divine. Walking on sunshine. Haha!

And the price? Well P 3,795 is nothing when you are able to give another pair to a child in need.:)

And I was just too generous since it was pay day. Haha!

See, purchase justified. :)

Oh and the bonus: the cute shoe bag and the sticker that comes with each pair.:)

So here's my chosen weekend look to go with my new pair:

So whatever happened after my retail therapy?

Let's just say that despite my full schedule, I'm having a great week.

Since I got my Toms Grey Chambray Cordones. :)

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