December 6, 2010

Atomic Aqua

First impression: Explosively cute!

I know by this time you've probably noticed that I just love buying candy-colored shoes. This pair was definitely not an exception.

I got them during a recent trip to HK (yes, Nike Mongkok forever). At first I wasn't even sure if the said pair was original so I did some super sleuthing for a while and found out that indeed, they were authentic (it actually slipped my mind that I was inside a REAL Nike store...perhaps I got too carried away with excitement).
What made me doubt at first was that I never saw anything like it before...I mean with Nike, that is. It was made from soft, synthetic leather that's just darn cute.

The low cut was just right and the fit was just as comfortable.

It was just...well...PEPPERfect for me.;)

Introducing the Nike Pepper Low.

Pepper Low Cut. PEPPERfectly Low Priced.

I got this pair for an unbelievably affordable price of P 1,800 (on sale)!

Imagine the huge grin on my face as I got another pair of purple ones to compliment my aqua acquisition.

This pair goes well with shorts and jeans alike, perfect for weekend strolls at the malls or just having coffee with friends. However, being the adventurous type, once I wore this with my suit and...I got away with the murder. Haha!

Anyway, here's a picture of my Bazaarista look.

Aftermath: I chanced upon a Nike Store at Camp John Hay a few weeks back and saw a gray version of this pair.

Not bad really...until I saw the price tag.

On sale at P3,495.

I left the store with a triumphant look, happy with my PEPPERfect decision.

Of getting two pairs of the Nike Pepper Low.

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