December 7, 2010

The Best Joyride

I'm stressed. And that's an understatement.

You see for the past few days I've been juggling work with my bazaar and a bunch of other important stuff in between.

Just yesterday, I realized that I've been working really hard and that I deserved a reward (after getting a big pimple on my right cheek due to stress, I needed to step back and enjoy the flowers).

I opted to enjoy the mall instead (the flowers can wait, no thanks to the scorching heat outside).

So off I went to MOA and engaged in some retail therapy e.g. SHOEpping.

Aside from the fact that I wanted to take some time off, I kinda figured out that if I was going to teach college students this January (on a part time basis only), I would have to get myself a decent pair of casual walkers to match my projected preppy look (well, that's how I envisioned myself, subject to change without prior notice. Oh, and I can't disclose the school yet until I finally sign up with them tomorrow.;) )

So off I went to visit my favorite stores: Traffic, the SM Mall, Shoe Salon, and the list goes on. After viewing more than a dozen pairs,  none still seem to have that distinct effect on me.

Well until I chanced upon this pair.

It was sophisticated in its own right: the elegant lines matched the perfectly crafted base.

The silver branding took my breath away.


But what drawn me to it was its highly versatile look as it can pass for both as a weekend pair and as a pair smart casual dress shoes.


"Size 9.5 please."

Hurriedly the sales lady came back with my most awaited pair.

And like Cinderella's one-of-a-kind experience with the glass slipper, I had my moment of euphoria as the pair fit perfectly.

I'm talking about the Adidas Vespa PX.

Award winning indeed like the print campaign of its namesake (I'm an avid advertising junkie) done by Saatchi and Saatchi.

With its sleek, sophisticated look and comfortable fit, it surely draws attention as it commands distinction.

Winner in every sense.

So anyway, after shelling out P4,995 for this dainty pair, I hurriedly went back to my selling post with renewed strength and vigor. Ahhh, the joys of retail therapy.

Of course, in order to sustain the newly found adrenaline rush, I decided to wear the pair to work today.

Here's my bazaarista slash informal meeting look (I presented to a prospective client onsite in my walkers).

As expected, my new pair of shoes got raves from neighboring tenants who became my instant fans, as they look forward to my chosen pairs everyday.

And now, I can definitely say that albeit stress, the Adidas Vespa PX has given me the best joyride.

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