December 24, 2010

Oh Christmas Z, Oh Christmas Z!

My company's Christmas party.

The last major celebration before the year ends.

A celebration of good work, camaraderie and...good taste.

Yep, it's that time once again when I have to look my best. Not that I don't try on a daily basis. Haha.

But this is something special. You know what I mean.

So anyway, I never did really have the chance to plan my final get-up since I was so busy with work.

Admittedly, I was pressured. At the back of my head, I know my staff would be dressed to kill.

I must do something about it, I told myself.

So I hurriedly rummaged through my closet and found a cute checkered polo which I haven't worn yet.

Perfect. Thank God for my shopping impulsiveness. Hehe.

I scanned a few more minutes and found a new pair of jeans.

Great. The odds are in my favor.

And now for the shoes.

I looked around and saw a box at the corner of my bed.

"Thank you Lord for guiding me during Christmas SHOEpping!" , I silently prayed.

I opened it excitedly and boom! There were fireworks. Hehe.

The pair was a perfect match for my polo.

I hurriedly took it out of the box and marveled at its beauty.

It's the newest pair from Adidas: the Adidas ZX 800 Casual.

I actually got it a few days before as a Christmas gift for myself. Thank God (and Adidas) for the 40% discount, I was never guilty of getting the pair at P 3,177 (original price: P 5,295) from the Adidas Lifestyle Store in Trinoma, alongside others (now that's a teaser).

I chose to have this chalk/ligoni/sesame combination instead of the orange and brown one because it reminds me of wintertime. Perfect for the holidays with its resemblance to a pair of snow shoes.

The material, a combination of soft leather, gamuza and rubber gives it an edgy look. The cute laces (in chalk and aqua colors) contribute to its already fashion-forward look.

Surprisingly comfortable too, maybe because of the soft cushion inside. 

 Inspired by my new pair, I decided to try something different for the first time.

I tucked in my pants inside my shoes so I can show off my pair even more.

Here's a picture of me doing a last minute shopping for an exchange gift at Forever 21:

My pair never did fail me. They did get the well-deserved attention.

I lost count of the number of times I was asked where I got the pair.

So that's more than enough justification. I did make the right decision.

Of celebrating Christmas in my Adidas ZX 800 Casual. :)

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Anonymous said...

these are cute! merry christmas!

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