December 21, 2010

Sunny Side Up: Adidas Nizza Hi-Cut Sun Lemon Peel

I woke up this morning feeling more cheerful than usual.

I'm not sure though if it was because I got enough sleep for a change or because it's a few days before Christmas.

Whatever the reason maybe, I was, well, best described as, my sunny self.

A rarity during my business' peak season.

But a most welcome change of course.

After eating a hearty breakfast of ham and eggs, I hurriedly went up to my room and looked for the perfect outfit to match my mood.

Hmmm. Sunny. Ergo, yellow. Bright yellow.

Luck was on my side when I saw the yellow Adidas shirt I haven't worn yet. New day, new shirt. Justified.

But the shirt's almost blinding color needed a pair of shoes to go with it.

Off to my shoe closet where I let my eyes feast on a melange of colors.

Only to narrow down on my pair of choice: The oh-so-bright-it-makes-my-eyes-squint Adidas Hi-Cut Nizza Sun Lemon Peel.

With its perky yellow hue, reminiscent of the morning sun magnified a hundred times, the Nizza Sun Lemon Peel is definitely a stand out by itself.

Made from soft fabric, it is both comfortable and functional, perfect for both indoors and not-so-muddy outdoors.

Being hi-cut gives it the versatility to look good in both jeans and shorts. Perfect.

It is quite rare for me to find a pair that suits my color palette. Coming across this Nizza Sun Lemon Peel was like spotting a ray of sunshine amidst a sea of blue skies.

And what's best about it was I got it on sale:  at P1,695 (original price is P3,295), it was quite a steal!

So here's a shot of me at the gym after working out. The huge smile on my face shows how pleased I am with my ensemble for the day. Color does affect one's mood, eh?

And so I ended the day with a smile as I headed home to wrap some Christmas gifts.

The sun is setting in a while, but it seems that nothing can change my sunny mood.

Perhaps because I have my favorite ray of light: my Adidas Nizza Hi-Cut Sun Lemon Peel. :)

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