December 13, 2010

An Open Letter to Santa: Adidas Edition

In my previous post, i have mentioned that I love Jeremy Scott.

Well...not him exactly, but his out of this world creations for adidas.

And his newest one, the OBYO is no exception.

Available at Adidas Greenbelt 3 Store since November 27.

And its already December 13, and still, I don't have a pair.:(

I am hoping to get one this Christmas.

Or even before that.

So here's my open letter to Santa.

"Dear Santa, if you could hear me, please send me a pair of this winged wonder. Size 9.5 will be fine. Any color will do, though a flambouyant one will definitely make me 10 times happier. I have been a very good boy lately, and I haven't bought any pair recently (recently: last 3 days). I promise to show my friends and loved ones your gift once I receive it. "

"Oh Santa, if you still have room in your sleigh and its not much to ask, kindly ask adidas if they have this cute pair from Jeremy Scott. This Teddy Bear series brings out the kid in me. I promise not to be a brat though. And yes, it's a size 9.5. "

"Prrrttttt...Oops, wait a minute Santa. Can I add something else if your elves won't mind wrapping it up?
You see, I was supposed to spend my Christmas in Hong Kong but I had to cancel due to a conflict in schedule. I was deadset on going to Disneyland once more but now that there have been changes in plans, I would have to settle for something else...well, something close to that experience. So while I was surfing the net, I came across this pair from Jeremy Scott. Yes, it would still be the same size as before. Would it be much of a hassle? I hope not. These pair would definitely be the happiest ones I will ever have (well that is until Jeremy Scott manages to come up with something to top this!)...enough to help me get over my cancelled trip to the happiest place on earth.  Please? "

"Thank you Santa. I hope that God (you know him right?)  will bless you and Adidas in the years to come. Mwah. Thanks. Much Love, Myke."

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