January 29, 2012

Exploring Possibilities: Adidas Vulc Explore Mid

I have discovered that the best way to de-stress on a Monday with a full schedule e.g. 6 meetings, different locations, from north to south, is to wear new clothes. 

Instantaneously, I felt good after getting my new Lacoste Long Sleeved Top and Sleek Pants from the paper bags which I held on to with my dear life (Both were the last of their kind when I stumbled upon them on sale...yup, serendipity). 

I felt better though when I took out my new pair from Adidas to go with it.

The Adidas Vulc Explore Mid.

I chanced upon this gem while on vacation in Hong Kong.

I knew immediately that its sleek, pastel colored looks will greatly blend well with my growing collection.

So without batting an eyelash, I got the pair immediately. 

Last one. My size. :)

And now that mid cut pairs are gradually rising in the fashion trends...timely indeed. 

But I believe though that with its stylish look, it'll never fall off the chart. 

I've never been a conformist anyway, so who cares?

I just want a stress-free, totally busy Monday.:)

I told you it works.:)

Best when taken with Tully's Non-Fat Iced Latte with Two Splenda. Haha!

Try to explore that possibility. 

With the Adidas Vulc Explore Mid. :)

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