February 1, 2012

Go for the Gold: Tiger Limited Edition Gold Slip On

I have always been a go-getter.

Believing that nothing can stand in my way, I have always managed to rise above challenges and be the best that I can be in the process.

Like what my former bosses have told me: Always go for the gold.

And upon seeing this pair at Lane Crawford in Hong Kong...I once again followed my mentors' advice. 

Take a look at this golden pair from Tiger.

A limited edition slip on. :)

Hmmm...admittedly quite pricey but after trying it on, I was immediately convinced that it was well worth it.

I mean hello, it's not everyday that you stumble upon a gold pair of walkers that will give you the exact feeling of euphoria which Cinderella had when she wore those damn to-die-for glass shoes. Haha!

Who knows what golden opportunities this pair has for me? 

But more than anything, for a shoe collector like me, I think I have a struck a gold mine. :)

With the Tiger Limited Edition Gold Slip On. 

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