January 19, 2012

Next level style: Skono AWL1003SP21 SKY

Oops....another falling pair from the heavens (and yes, the picture was meant to be like that to illustrate the point...ako na ang on-strat, haha!)!

Such a wonderful treat for a busy me!

Heaven-sent indeed from Skono.

This skyblue pair can give even the trendiest slip ons stiff competition.

Falling...in love with this pair was made easy with its unique look and comfortable insoles. 

Take note, after much analyzing, I figured out that No. A actually was a slang pronunciation for Norway, Korean style. Haha! Try it.;)

Feels like walking on air. Looks divine.

And now, finally, it's mine!

Check out my chosen look with this pair.

Oh, can I just say I am so digging my white tiger jacket as well. Haha!

Love your own. :)

Loving my Skono AWL1003SP21 Sky.;)

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