January 9, 2012

Purple is a Favorite: Adidas Forum Low RS

I just realized that every time I go out to get myself a new pair of shoes, chances are it will be in the shade of purple. 

Yup. I'm one of those Purple People errr, non-eater. Haha!

Name it and I got it: purple pants, ipad sleeve, car seat covers, office...err yeah. Almost everything I own.

So when I chanced upon this lovely pair on sale, I never did waste any time.

The Adidas Forum Lo RS.

In heavenly shade of purple.:)

Well you might argue that I have enough purple pairs with me...but guys, this one's different (like what I can say for my other pairs in the same shade.haha). 

It comes with complimenting black stripes that give it an edgy look. 

Skater guy looks perfect for leisurely strolls.

Check out those cool straps.:) 

And at 60% off, no guilty feeling. 

Too much purple wouldn't hurt.

Especially if it looks as fierce as the Adidas Forum Lo RS. :)

Purple Power! 

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