January 1, 2012

Add On Comfort: Adidas AdiClog

New year. New pair. 

Makes sense. :)

Since left with a nasty hangover during the recent new year celebration, I opted to wear something that's stylish yet overly comfortable. 

One that emits a homey vibe and fierceness at the same time. 

Choice was easy for me this time around. I got the AdiClog. 

A better alternative to your usual rubber clogs. 

Its velvet like texture is divine to touch. Same with its comfy insoles. 

Nothing weird looking about its shape. Won't make your feet look like Mc Donald's. Haha! 

Wear it with shorts and you have the perfect long drive pair.

With jeans, it becomes a casual pair of strollers. 

Lovely indeed.

Definitely no congestion of style here.

With the AdiClog. 

Happy new year everyone! :)

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