January 23, 2012

Long Drive with the Nike Solar Soft Thongs SL

Long drives can be very stressful, not to mention tiring.

Imagine the stress brought about by racing with other speed monsters at the NLEX or SLEX.

The pressure to keep up with these beings only add up to the physical drain brought about by the long drive.

No one wants to have leg cramps or smelly feet. 

So during my recent trip to Subic, I decided to drop my usual pair and go with my new discovery.

It pays off to visit the outlet sores in the vicinity. Chanced upon this pair at Nike.

The Nike Solar Soft Thong SL offers a barefoot-like experience.

Check out the screaming "squeeze me" sticker on it.

And giving in to its claim is but easy. 

                                                  Promise. Super soft.:) Ergo, super comfy.

Don't you just love the cool vibes it emits?

Timely for summer indeed...and for my long drive.

Note that these pics were taken inside my car before changing gears. Haha! 

Check out my look after switching to these terrific thongs.;)

The Nike Solar Soft Thongs SL definitely made the long drive...a comfortable experience.

Looking forward to new adventures.;)

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