December 31, 2011

My Way to Norway: Skono Shoes

Of course, as expected, when I got back from my Christmas vacation in Korea, people were asking me how many pairs I bought and what new brands I've discovered.

I guess it will be best if I introduce one of the brands I stumbled on during my shopping adventure at Myeong-dong.


Skono traces its roots in Norway, way back in 2002. 

Each pair carries with it a distinct Norwegian appeal  and trendy functionality.

From stylish slip ons to funky high cuts, Skono lives up to its tagline of being the "cool lifestyle updater".

I actually liked several pairs from its wide range of footwear. 

This furry winter boots is both classy and cute. 

Of course fire engine red high cuts always make my cut!

And this canvas stroller tops my wish list.:)

Missing out on these pairs is a definite No-No.

Yes to Skono! :)

For more information, please visit Skono's website at 

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