December 22, 2011

Casual Christmas with the Mundo Resort Shoes

Our annual Christmas Party is indeed much awaited. 

Not only because of the exchange gifts, the grand wish list and the fun games.

But also because it presents the perfect opportunity to show off our Christmas fashion finds. Haha!

Now thanks to my strategic thinking and strong friendship bonds, I managed to twist some elbows and get the gift I wanted (tip: attend as many Christmas parties as you can and request for the same gift to increase denomination amount ---applies to Gift certificates). 

Thus, I was able to get myself a new pair from Mundo. It's a brand exclusively available at Crossings Department Store (The Ramp).

With a huge ruffled top and carrot jeans as my fashion foundation for the said party, I saw the huge potential in this pair that offers much versatility.

Who says orange and Christmas don't mix well? 

Soft leather. Quirky straps. Comfortable insoles. 

Looks well with both jeans and shorts.

Loving the holes that provide breathers for my feet.

You can be assured though that despite its form, it won't fall off easily. 

Yup, tightly strapped. But not enough to strangle your feet.

Pak na pak with its tropical feel amidst the cold weather! 

Happy with my purchase, I went to our Christmas party armed and well prepared:

armed with a casual chic christmas get up and well prepared with my gifts, inspiring talk and song number to boot. Haha! 

Looking forward to the long holidays.

And more adventures with the Mundo Resort Shoes.

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