August 12, 2011

Pre-Birthday Reflections with the Kickers Hobson

I never expected to get overly anxious over yet another birthday celebration.

Maybe because it just struck me: I was turning 30 in a few hours.

And celebrating my big 3-0 is definitely making me nervous.

Not because I haven't had everything planned yet.

It's just that I think I have finally reached a point in my life where I have to create changes.

Changes for the better of course. I'm not getting any younger afterall.

So I decided to take the day off to reflect and just have ample "me" time.

Promise, it ain't easy turning 30.

To take my mind off a hundred and one things in my to-do list, I opted to go malling instead. On a week day. While answering my clients' emails and calls who were unsuspecting of my upcoming celebration (well upon reading this, I'm sure now they know), I tried enjoying myself while having lunch, coffee and watching a movie and ranting to my companion about aging in the process.

Someone once told me that all I needed was a new pair of shoes to make my day.

Taking that in consideration as one of the most brilliant pieces of advise given to me, I immediately
brought out a pair I bought a few days ago. On sale. :)

Buy one, Take one. This pair is actually a freebie.:)

It was a pair I was eyeing since late last year.

It's the Kickers Hobson.

A nifty looking top-sider which is christmas-inspired in color.

I love the way the bright red laces contrast with the soft pail tiffany blue body.

I never did have any problem with Kickers with regards to comfort so that fact was reinforced once more.

I wanted to save this pair for my birthday but my anxiety has granted me emergency use.

Pairing it with an aqua polo and striped shorts, I felt more relaxed knowing that it went well after getting compliments from those who have seen me.

Here's a picture of me while strolling (prior to ranting):

See, it wasn't that obvious that I was as restless as can be. Haha!

Good thing though that before the day ended, I managed to resolve all my worries.

Yup, there will be changes of course. 

But my love for shoes (and shopping) will remain the same.

Welcome to my heart Kickers Hobson. 

And now, I can also welcome my big 3-0 with open arms.;) 

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