August 13, 2011

My House Party with Kickers Howie

Of course as expected, I got a new pair for my birthday.
When I bought this one on sale a couple of days earlier, I considered the fact that I would be having a house party on my birthday celebration's first leg (I will be celebrating by batch e.g. family, friends, officemates etc.), so I had to choose a pair which was both comfortable, laid back and yet stylish.

The Kickers Howie exceeded all my expectations enough for it to be my chosen birthday pair.

I never thought any pair would rival TOMS Shoes in terms of comfort.

This pair has one of the softest insoles I must admit.

I also love its marble-inspired color.

Don't you think the green contrasting rope provides utmost cuteness? :)

Very laidback. Not intimidating. 

Just perfect for a house party.:)

Here's a picture of me while waiting for the guests to arrive:

I did have a happy house party:)

Thanks to my Kickers Howie.:)

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