August 8, 2011

Birthday Kick-Off Purchase with the Adidas Adizero

I think I deserved it.

After painstakingly bearing the entire month of July without engaging in any retail therapy, I think getting a pair or two on my birthday month wouldn't hurt.

Afterall, surviving my ultimate marshmallow test is quite an achievement for a SHOEpaholic like me who is used to getting a pair or two (or three...even four...haha!) on a semi-regular basis.

Finding ample time over the weekend, I decided to head to Trinoma to reward myself accordingly.

Wanting to hit two birds with one stone, I got a pair that would look great with a casual weekend get up and double as a formidable pair of gym shoes.

I did not need to look long.

Upon opening my legendary shoe closet, I immediately saw a stand out pair.

With its bright blue green and neon yellow combination, it was definitely a sight to behold.

Its highly durable material only adds up to its distinct appeal, making it perfect for any sports activity or leisurely strolls in between.

The Adidas Adizero immediately got my nod.

Paring them off with a basic Adidas Top and a drawstring Adidas Lifestyle Pants (Di ko naman gaano favorite, di ba?) , I headed off to the mall in search of my personal reward.

After visiting a couple of my favorite stores, I stumbled upon Kickers' great deal:

Buy One, Take One.

It was my lucky day indeed.

And guess what pairs I saw included in the promo?

The ones I have eyeing for a couple of months back.

The universe has aligned in my favor once more.:)

Wasting no time, I immediately ordered my size for my coveted pairs.

Serendipitously, my size was available for both.

It was indeed meant to be.:)

Here's a picture of me paying for my purchases.

So I guess this entry is actually a teaser about what pairs to expect in the next few weeks.

Not bad for my first purchase for the month. :) 

More to come. Haha! 

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