August 30, 2011

Italian Vanity: Vans Couture Limontai

People change. :)

I was never a fan of Vans Shoes until I chanced upon this pair in Hong Kong (at Dahood in Mongkok where I got my DIY sandals).

Apparently, it was a limited edition: the Vans Couture Limontai.

Tri-color must-have sneakers inspired by Italian fashion.

Deep purple on one side (barely noticeable due to the limitations of my cam), lime green at the center and bright orange on the other side. Accented with chocolate brown. The color combination made me drool so I just had to buy it. 

As opposed to the ordinary pairs locally available, this one had soft shimmery insoles. High end comfort. 

At HKD 799 (around P4,474), it was a steal!

* Note: Its fabulous box was thrown away by my dear maid before I could even take its picture. Yes, brand new, thank you. Defensive! Haha!

Here's my chosen look on a smart casual tuesday:

I'm now officially a fan of Vans Couture!

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