June 16, 2011

Back to Shoot Basics: The Toms Bleached Denim Cordones

It's been a while since I handled my last photo shoot. I mean, advertising campaigns don't necessarily require shoots every now and then.

So guess how excited I was when I managed to book three...in a week's time. :) God is good.;)

My excitement even doubled because of the fact that I finally got my company shirt. :) On its 5th year, my advertising agency leveled up. Finally. Haha. Now I'm looking forward to getting a matching jacket as well. Haha!

Ok, haven't had it ironed yet. Haha!

With barely enough time to spare, I proceeded to plot my shoot outfit.

Shoot Style Basics:

1.) The company shirt
2.) The default jeans
3.) And a pair of comfortable shoes

Items number one and two almost instantaneously got checked. I got stumped on the third one.

Since it's the first time my team and I will be wearing our company shirts, then I might as well try something new with it, I told myself silently.

But of course, that something new must be edgy enough to compliment my shirt's simplicity (despite the presence of my colorful logo) and my jeans' plain cut.

I was drawn towards my drawer where I placed all the pairs which I haven't worn yet and carefully took out one box.

Last time I mentioned in my post some of the pairs I wanted to get from TOMS.

Well...I did. I think you should have known better. Haha!

Presenting the Toms Bleached Denim Cordones.


I can't simply get over its artsy-fartsy look with the cute paint-like splatters all over it! Quirky and Fierce!

Made of durable lightweight denim for that rugged look. Can make any plain ensemble look scorching hot.

And if it's a pair of Toms shoes, it's definitely comfortable.:)

Perfect for a long day...of shooting.:)

Check out my dalmatian-inspired denim pair with my chosen look back stage.:)

Don't you just love it? :)

And the bonus? 

I managed to give another pair of shoes to a kid in need. :) Not bad for a pair that costs P3,795.:)

Indeed, wearing the Toms Bleached Denim Cordones can be so rewarding!

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