June 6, 2011

A Fierce Gift: Tiger Onitsuka Mexico 66 Lauta

Age is but a number.

That is why I don't mind posting my upcoming 30th birthday celebration on Facebook. Can I just say, I love this cake? Sorry for the segue. Hehe.

As long as I don't look and feel the part, I'm good. Haha. Forever 24 at heart. :)

A lot of my close friends took notice and began asking me about how I plan to celebrate my 30th birthday.

Oh nothing special. Most probably I'll just take my usual 1 week leave from work, donate to charity and shop abroad.

What will make it special are your gifts for me, I jokingly said.

Ok, admittedly it's half-meant. So sue me.

Who doesn't like receiving presents? :)

I'm glad one of my close friends took it seriously. Haha!

Ivy and I have been good friends for several years now, since the day I started working for Adformatix: I was one of the creative heads, she was a senior account manager then.

Check out our pic, circa 2004 taken at our office then. Ivy is the one on the left, on the right is another good friend, Vianca. 

Blame it on the red pants I wore on the first day. That caught her attention, enough for her to befriend me, and enjoy each and every moment together amidst stress.

After several years and a couple of big advertising agencies later here and abroad, we still managed to remain as close as ever.

Fast forward to last year, 2010. At my office. With my two beloved muses.:)

Ah the true gift of friendship. Priceless. :)

As priceless as the gift Ivy bought me from Vietnam recently when she came for a visit.

It was such a pleasant surprise.

Despite the fact that she did away with the usual gift wrapping, her writing skills never did fail to amuse me.

Ok. Pardon my ignorance in flipping pics. Haha. But am sure you got her point. :)

But I was totally speechless when I saw her gift. 

A pair of Tiger Onitsuka Mexico 66 Lauta. A popular shoe brand from Japan. 

It was love at first sight. I already saw this brand in HK and a couple of weeks back at Greenbelt 3.

In fairness, sosyal na ang friend ko, I told myself while laughing.

I love the striking color combination. As fierce as its namesake. Rawr!

Size 9.5. My size. Perfect.

Trying it on was indeed an orgasmic experience. Comfort at its finest.:)


Since Ivy will only be staying here for a week, I decided to wear it the following day when we were scheduled to meet up with other friends for a night out. 

Here was my chosen look while having coffee...

...and enjoying with friends. 

Less pounds for ivy, less hair for me. Haha!

But one thing is for sure though: our love for each other grew more. :)

Thank you for the gift of true friendship Ivy. 

And for the fabulous Tiger Onitsuka Mexico 66 Lauta pair.:) 

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