June 12, 2011

Independence Day Find: Diesel Slip Frogger at 70% off --Almost Free.

I just have to blog about this. :)

While I was waiting for the 5pm mass earlier this afternoon, I went around Gateway and found my way to Trod, the exclusive distributor of Diesel Shoes.

I've always loved visiting this store for the said brand. I mean, Diesel IS DIESEL afterall.

I was greeted by a huge signage: SALE.

And that was the cue.

I hurried inside and found myself focused on a pair of slippers.

It's been a while since I got a pair. Too focused on shoes.

But with my upcoming trip to Cebu for an event, I knew I had another excuse in tow. Plus my black dragon-inspired Havaianas have availed of early retirement benefits recently. Haha.

So I grabbed a pair that caught my fancy. The Diesel Slip Frogger.

It was a sleek black pair of sandals with cute tiny straps. The X-straps reminded me of the movie I recently watched. Timely.

Lightweight and easy to pair with any outfit. Quite comfy too.

Check out the quirky face. Love it. :)

After making my choice, I checked on the tag price and almost dropped my pair in disbelief.

Original Price: P 1,610.

Sale Price: P 483. No Joke. At 70% off.

Last pair of my size.

Now that's a done deal. :)

What a way to cap off a beautiful weekend break.

Oh happy independence day everyone.

Check out the pair I got, almost for free. :) The Diesel Slip Frogger.

Can't wait to wear it.:)

Check out the other Diesel items on sale at the Trod store, located at the 3rd Level of Gateway Mall.

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