June 27, 2011

Working on a weekend with K-Bond Green Sneakers

And suddenly a miracle just unfolded before my eyes.

The darn rain stopped! Hahaha!

For the last few days, I had to endure the mud, the water and the cold temperature brought about by Falcon, an Ondoy-wannabe which exited gracefully last sunday.

Boy, was I thankful.

Not only for the better weather, but for the fact that I had to drive all the way to SM Pampanga for work. An on-site brand activation at Fitness First Pampanga.

Yes. On a weekend. On a rainy weekend.

But God was good. He didn't let me suffer. Haha.

And that's enough reason to celebrate. :)

Seeing the golden sun peek from its slumber, I hurriedly changed my rainy day get-up into something that's more summer-inspired.

A pink checkered top from H & M for that laid back look. A pair of khaki shorts from Von Dutch.

And a pair of brand new sneakers:)

Hey, blame it on the bad weather that I got stuck at home for the last few days.

The sunny weather spelled out freedom within reach.

Reminded me of springtime.:)

And my new pair of K-bond green sneakers.

I got this pair from People are People at SM Cebu, during my recent trip.

On-sale at P 1,199...not bad indeed.

The denim skin makes it as casual as ever, while its green hue adds quirkiness that stands out.

Soft in-soles made this pair perfect for long drives, when you need to rest your tired feet every now and then.

Isn't it a ray of sunshine after the rain?

Err, more like a gamma ray since it's green. Haha!

You guessed it, I drove all the way to Pampanga with the greatest of ease. No hassles or worries.

Just pure bliss.

Here's a picture of me on-site beside our booth.

Fresh? Much like the K-Bond Green Sneakers. 

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