April 30, 2012

Pretty Comfy: Paul Frank Slip Ons

There are probably 101 reasons why I love traveling abroad. 

One of which is that I am able to discover stores which carry a bunch of hard-to-find pairs...at affordable prices.

Check out this Paul Frank Store I stumbled upon at Tam Sui in Taipei.

It was like heaven on earth for someone like me who loves colors as much as I love shoes.:)

Apart from shoes, the store also carries bags and some apparel and accessories.

One-stop-shop indeed.:)

Aren't these slippers adorable?

Flip Flops were never this fashionable.;)

And given all those and more...of course, who am I to resist such fabulous finds?

Yup, I got myself a pair. They have the cutest boxes I swear (with matching paper bags)

The last one available, in my size. Yup, serendipitous indeed.:)

I kinda liked its clean, streamlined look. 

The green gives it a very nice contrast.:)

And the monkey's face...my, my...I love it!!!!

This pair brings out the child in me.:) 

Its soft insoles are reminiscent of the plush shoes I had when I was a kid. Yup, that comfortable.;)

Overly excited over it, I wore the pair the next day.:)

Here's my chosen outfit during our trip to the Museum.:)

All went pretty well. The trip, the ensemble and everything else.:)

Thanks to my fierce pair from Paul Frank.:)

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