April 15, 2012

Pearl Awards Porma with the Adidas Curb Neop

Alas, a much welcome break from it all. I mean, my social life was barely breathing due to work, among others...this rescue came in timely indeed.:)

I got invited by a friend to his company's awards night (For those asking, it's the Shell Pearl Awards). Of course, who am I to say no?! 

And take note, only two guests per employee so I was really pressured to look my best. Para sulit invitation di ba?:)

Black tie dinner means time to dress up and wear something apart from the usual black tie. Hehe!

So I immediately took out a pair which came in mind instantaneously.

The Adidas Curb Neop.

"Porma" dress shoes made even more comfortable with its lycra like material.

Its neon red-orange shade makes it a perfect statement pair amidst a sea of black and grays.

Imagine the wonders it can do to a plain ensemble. 

And with the extra laces that only add up to its quirkiness, you can be sure that this pair will command attention whether worn casually...or formally in this case.

Check out my chosen look.:)

Being a non-conformist did pay off, as I got the nods of some of the other guests:)

Thanks to my unconventional porma pair: the Adidas Curb Neop.:)

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