July 26, 2011

SHOEpper's Guide 7: Subic Free Port Outlet Stores

It was better than I expected.:)

From the hotel, 

to the surroundings, 

the restaurants

...and the outlet stores.

My trip to Subic was all worth it. 

I managed to squeeze in some ample time to check out these pleasant surprises during my business trip recently.

I knew that duty-free shopping was something not to miss here. 

But no one told me about the numerous outlet stores within the vicinity.

Not that I'm complaining.

In fact, these stores made my visit worth while. Haha!

I totally forgot about the three-hour long drive going to the Subic Free Port in Pampanga when I was greeted by this huge Nike Outlet Store at one of the gas stations.

It had one of the most extensive collections to date. I actually saw several items which I liked.

Check out this quirky orange number. It has my name written on it. Haha!

This black hi-cut had neon yellow specs on it. A sure stand-out even on broad day light.

Look at these walkers. Could use all three colors.:)

Just across the street and beside my ever beloved Starbucks is yet another outlet store which boasts of a huge Adidas line.

The whopping discounts were too much for me to take!

Eye candies for SHOEpaholics like me.:)

A few meters away at the Pure Gold Duty Free Shop, I saw these stores:

Good thing I didn't have my Mom with me. Haha!

You must not miss the last season's finds here.

There were just sales everywhere!

And the choices were simply divine!

Fierce finds.

There were also some neat shops inside the Royal Subic Duty-Free Hub, like Adidas, Lacoste and other foreign brands.

Despite the presence of all these stores, I decided to pass on these great deals, as part of my promise for the month of July.

Worry not though because in a week's time, the SHOEpaholic will be free to go on a shopping rampage once more. :)


lilin said...

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Myke Celis said...

Hi lilin:) sorry for the late reply:) that will be nice. Please do follow my blog. I have a couple of items you might like:) and tips on where to get them as well haha.:)

George Wells George Wells said...

Thank you for sharing, I also like nike hyperfuse shoes very much.

lilin said...

Thanks for sharing!You can have a good see in Nike zoom.Looking forward to your visiting.

Myke Celis said...

Hi George Wells (2x) haha! Thank you for reading.:) Please follow my blog as well.:)

@ Lilin: I will feature something from nike in two week's time. just finishing the ones I got ahead of time.:)

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