July 15, 2011

Cool with colors: The Adidas Stan Smith 80S M

Today marks my 15th day of coming out clean.

You see, after feeling guilty about maxing out my credit card on a shopping spree last month, I swore to my two friends that I won't buy any pair of shoes for the whole month of July.

This really feels like rehab for a SHOEpaholic like me!!!!

And admittedly, I feel like I'm experiencing some withdrawal symptoms. Haha!

If you've seen the movie "Confessions of a Shopaholic" ...then you can relate to how I feel right now.

Yup, that bad.

But I'm quite proud of myself for being able to last 15 days without breaking my promise.

If it's a consolation, my friends agreed to me having a grand shopping spree when I fly to Hong Kong next month to enjoy the grand sale, in celebration of my 30th birthday.

Ok, fair enough.:)

But for the meantime, I have to endure this.

It's a good thing though that shopping was the only thing banned this month.

So that means, I could still wear a new pair which I already have.

So to make myself happy, I have brought out one of my funkiest pairs to date.

It's the Adidas Stan Smith 80S M.

A brightly colored pair that resembles holographic walkers.

Promise, depending on its angle, the color combination changes.;)

The fusion of colors and its unique material makes it stand out in the crowd.

High cut and seemingly water-proof so it's perfect for the rainy days.

I love the way its black laces contrast with the brightly colored hues.

But of course, like any other pair from Adidas, comfort was never compromised.

And so does the quality that comes with the price: P 4,995.

Voila, I'm happy again.

Here's a picture of me celebrating at Yakimix for another deal closed.

Fifteen more days baby. 

And I'll be shopping like crazy. Haha.

But for the mean time, I'll enjoy my Adidas Stan Smith 80S M. 

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