March 24, 2011

Working for my Wish List: Adidas Inspired

One of my favorite websites to visit is

I love checking out the latest apparels, shoes and accessories from this brand that's really close to my heart.

As part of my usual daily routine, I would scan their website in search for pairs to include in my wish list.

Believe it or not, by doing such, I get motivated to work harder so I can afford to buy the pairs I want.

As shallow as it may seem, it works for me. Really.

While of course the cliche' notion will always apply e.g. me being inspired by my friends, family and loved ones and all those in need, shoes also do have the same effect on me.

Yup, will work hard for these pairs from Adidas. Apparently, they are already available in the local market so am keeping my fingers crossed that I may be able to get a hold of them soon.

In random order:

The Adidas Court Adapt Synthetic

Perfectly quirky. Reminds me of an updated (and in this case, far more fabulous) version of Crocs.

The Adidas Bluff Textile

Sleek and stylish. I love the contrasting colors. Being a lover of loafers and boat shoes, this pair is a must on my wish list.

The Adidas Stan Smith 80s Lux


The Adidas SML Concept

So Much Lovely, Perhaps?

And the Adidas Toe Touch Textile

This will definitely make  Rainbow Brite turn green with envy. Summer vibes written all over this pair!

I have yet to complete my new wish list since I have to rush to work in a few.

But admittedly, I am very inspired.

To work harder for any of these pairs from Adidas. :)

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