March 17, 2011

Especially on Saturdays: Zara Espadrilles

I just love Saturdays.

The shows on TV. The great home-cooked meals. Time with friends and family.

And time to shop. Hehe.

Ok, I admit at times I do shop on weekdays most especially when I am stressed.

But based on actual experience, I am most likely to shop a week before or after the payday. And on a saturday.

Why you might ask?

Because it gives me the opportunity to review my purchase and still have enough time to have it changed before I wear it on Monday.

Not to mention that Sunday serves not only as my meditation day, but the day I get to review my battle plan for the coming week and how I can make up for the purchase I've made in terms of better output.

Anyway, last saturday, as part of my weekly detoxification, I went to Powerplant Mall instead, a most welcome diversion from my usual QC route.

Initially, it was the Rockwell Bazaar that led me to this mall which I seldom visit. But after spending less than 30 mins inside, I left without any purchase.

But determined as I was to engage in my much needed ---and  deserved--- retail therapy, I went inside the mall to check out what's new since my last around 6 months ago. Yup, that long.

Hmmm...the usual upscale stores, the fancy crowd and pricey stuff...Might as well check out my favorite stores, I said to myself.

I went to each and every store in my mental list of favorites.

I thought though that I would end up buying food to bring home to my mom since I wasn't able to find anything that I like.

Until I went inside Zara.

Zara is actually one of my favorite fashion brands. I like their tops and jeans the most. Classic designs made trendy. Perfect for my meetings and  night outs with friends.

But for the first time, that day, I fell in love with a pair of Zara shoes.

Espadrilles to be exact.

Since summer is just around the corner, I decided to check out a pair.

I haven't had any Zara pair before so I was quite excited to try them on.

I was quite surprised though that their sizes were bigger than usual: my usual 9.5 shrunk to a size 8. But who cares as long as they fit.:)

The blue stripes provided much contrast against the dirty white body canvass.

The red patch on the heel added a unique charm to this espadrille looker which can give most shoes a run for their money.

I love slip ons and this pair definitely increased my fondness for such with its soft cushioned base perfect for long walks inside...and outside the mall.

On sale at P 1,990. Original price was P2,495. For the very reason that I managed to close a new deal the previous week ----Not bad as a personal reward.

After purchasing my beloved pair, which happens to be the last on stock, my companion and I went to UCC to have coffee.

Excited as I was, I couldn't resist  trying on the pair right then and there!

So here is how I looked like then:

And I never did take off my new pair...until we got home.

What a wonderful saturday it was. Especially with a pair of Zara Espadrilles.


the geek said...

your blog is dangerous, you make we want to go out and buy a pair of shoes. :)

Myke Celis said...

hehe. Sue me.:) Thanks again.:)

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