June 10, 2012

I Heart Italy: Superga Flag Italia

I told you I was going to get myself that pair.

That blog entry was definitely a teaser. haha!

In fairness, the box alone looks so premium. True to its Italian origin.

Of course I had to prolong the suspense and have all my readers think whether I got myself the pair or not.

I guess it's already given. Haha!

Who could have refused this flag-inspired wonder pair?

Super like indeed! My first Superga pair!

Limited edition. And since I was told that only a few pairs were left, then again, I am indeed a lucky guy.:)

Casually chic. Colorful:)

Psst. Please don't sue me for colonial mentality. haha! 

But hey, what's bad about admiring an Italian pair once in a while? :)

Check out my Superga Italia flag shoes at Tamsui.:)

Flying colors indeed. Haha! 

Viva Italia!

Viva Superga! :)

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