May 24, 2012

Sandals for Suits: The JS Mega Softcell Sandals

Summer. The perfect excuse to get myself a pair of sandals.:)

I posted earlier about the pairs I have been crushing on from Adidas. :)

Of course, with my insanely busy schedule and overwhelming work load, plus the hot weather outside, made me get myself a pair to lift my spirits better.

It did wonders to my tired soul.:) Check out this pair from Adidas. The JS Mega Softcell Sandals.

Soft leather straps. Peep hole. Basic Contrast.

Loving the weaves! And the insoles are perfect for long walks since they are overly soft. True to its namesake. Mega soft pala.:)

Makes the hot summer seem cooler. 

Or was it just my wishful thinking. haha!

Words can't even describe how much I adore this pair of strollers.:)

Check out my chosen look during a recent meeting.

Formal meets fierce.

Thanks to my Adidas JS Mega Softcell Sandals. :)

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