March 19, 2012

Fierce Fashion: Leopard Loafers from Mundo Shoes

I think I failed to mention in my previous post that as part of my Lenten sacrifice, I will not buy any pair of shoes until the Holy Week is over and done with and all the Easter Eggs have been found.

So the entire egg hunting inspired me....

What I did though, on one lazy saturday, I took out a new pair.

Well, just to make me feel better since I was already experiencing widrawal symptoms. Haha!

Check out this pair of Leopard Loafers from Mundo Shoes.

Eye-catching indeed. As fierce as its namesake. 

Doesn't bite though. Haha! If I may put it into context, I never did have any painful experience wearing it. Soft insoles. 

So here's my chosen look while torturing myself at the mall. haha! 

Another two weeks wouldn't hurt. 

I hope.

Geez. And the huge sale sign at the back didn't help. 

Lord help me. haha!

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