February 5, 2012

MOA-Eye Candy: The Adidas Micropacer

I recently got invited to try out the MOA-Eye. And at first I was like, "MOA what?!"

Apparently, it was the tallest Ferris Wheel in the Philippines.

Quite similar to the ones in London (which incidentally carries the same name-sake, so much for originality---but then again, it's more fun in the Philippines. Haha!) and in Singapore (Singapore Flyer), this Ferris Wheel allows you to enjoy the breathtaking view of the bay and...the billboards at the Mall of Asia. A 10 minute-oh-so-slow ride that makes you think whatever happened to the P150 you paid. Haha! But not bad, for a first timer.:))

I got really excited so I brought out another pair which I haven't worn yet. 

The Adidas Micropacer. :)

MOA-Eye Candy with its colorful stripes that commands attention and admiration. :)

More of a running shoe actually that has a built in timer for accurate pacing.

Laces hidden underneath, which makes it an ideal running pair minus the worries about loose strings. 

Highly versatile as the colors match well with any top or bottom possible. 

I threw in a casual shirt and jeans and voila...I was all set.:)

My, my....the MOA-Eye was really tall up close.

Here's the shot of me on board one of the airconditioned gondolas, enjoying the high life...literally...at over 180 ft something above the ground. 

Now that's a most-welcome break from my usual busy, fast-paced life.

With the Adidas Micropacer.:)

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