February 25, 2011

Getting a kick out of Kickers: Loving Lyle

Hmmm. I still remember when I first crossed paths with this brand way back in highschool.

I was then a junior at Angelicum school when I chanced upon a pair of bright blue Kickers while shopping for my prom shoes with my mom. 

The said pair was already pricey back then; if I remember it correctly, it costed around P 2,995 during that time (err... late 1990ish) but I managed to persuade my mom into getting me the blue, submarine inspired shoes (actually, I opted to get a cheaper pair for my prom shoes, afterall, it'll only be worn for a night.).

Years passed and still, my fondness for this brand never did falter. Time and again, I would visit the Kickers store to check out its latest releases and how each pair would fit me well.
A few weeks ago, during a sale at the Block at SM North, I chanced upon this dainty pair which I have been eyeing for the longest time. 

It was a pair of  fancy white dress shoes with cute tiffany blue laces. Yes, tiffany blue. For those unfamiliar, check the color palette online.  

I knew in my heart that I wanted it since I first laid my eyes on it a few months back. However, at P 3,995, i found the pair quite expensive. 

Ok, I love Kickers but it only ranks 5th on my favorite brands (subject to change without further notice, haha) so that's why I wasn't willing to spend much on a pair. Not to mention that during the time I saw it, I already finished hoarding several pairs from Adidas. Can't justify purchasing Lyle (the style name), so I had to let go.

Until a few weeks ago. 

Lyle went on sale. At nearly 60% off! 

Yup, got the pair for only P 1,670! Not bad.;)

Without hesitating, I grabbed the pair and asked for my size.

With my beloved fairy god mother on my side, the store had one last pair...of my size.

It was such a serendipitous moment!

I immediately fell in love with Lyle's edgy looks and cute accent laces.

The soft inside cushion provided utmost comfort, which makes it perfect with or without socks on.

Indeed, it was meant to be when the last pair slipped on perfectly.

Here's a picture of me wearing my beloved Lyle proudly.

Indeed, true love never dies. 

For years after, I still get a kick out of Kickers.  Most specially since I fell in love with Lyle. 

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