April 12, 2011

Summer Strollers: Kickers Striped Espadrilles

Yup, summer is officially here!

The sand. The sun. And my new pair of shoes. Hehe.

As early as now, I've been asked time and again what I intend to do over the long holiday.

Go to the beach? Perhaps.

But I just went to Boracay last month. And will be going to Bohol in a few days...to stay at Panglao beach. Haha.

Hmmm. What if I just go abroad? Maybe.

But then again, I just got back from Hong Kong 3 days ago so I don't think that can be an option. Plus, I think I over shopped. But that's retail therapy right? :)

So with only a few days left before we commemorate the holy week, I am left with no plans.

But I do have a concrete answer to the persistent question:

When everything fails, get myself a new pair of shoes.

Works for me.

I would gladly spend say 2 days (since malls will be open by Saturday afterlunch) watching DVDs or embarking on a church tour all over the metro, just to save enough money to get the pair I have on my wish list.

Ok. Here goes nothing. I have decided.

So off to the mall I went.

I have always been a frequent visitor of SM North The Block because of its strategic location: A 10 minute drive from my place brings me closer to my gym (Fitness First) and one of my favorite shoe brands: Kickers.

I was told that they had a clearance sale (thanks to my constant research) so being the SHOEpaholic that I was, I hurriedly went there to check out the merchandise.

When I got there, I immediately saw the pair I was eyeing months before.

It was a pair of colorful striped espadrilles.

Made of unique, almost organic (I couldn't think of the right word) material that resembles coconut husks, it was definitely a sight to behold.

I tried it on before so I knew it was as comfortable as can be. For people like me who like to take Bus # 11 (HK's pop term for going on long walks), this pair indeed can be such a worthy ally.

Oh and the colors: Summer at its finest. Think about earth, wind, water, and fire...well represented in deed. If it had a bright red streak, it would have formed Captain Planet (So 1980s). Haha!

Hey, at P2,995 I found the pair quite expensive then. Maybe because everytime I would chance upon the pair, I already spent my money on something more important (yup, shoes aren't and shouldn't be the end all of everything)

So I just did the usual: gave the pair a "courtesy call" and then silently wish I could afford it.

When I was about to put it down, a bright red tag caught my eye.

P 1,670.


Mentally I computed the amount I would have spent on a plane ticket going to an island paradise and I arrived at a beautiful conclusion that the tag price cost barely a fraction.


I gave the pair a second look and saw it was a 9.5.

Perfect. The universe aligned once more.

I asked for a new stock but I was told it was the last pair.

Lord, thanks. Patience indeed is a virtue. Hehe.

So I held on to the last pair for dear life until I managed to pay for it.

After getting the receipt, I felt like I won the lottery. Hehe.

So here I am days before the holy week...where boredom strikes big time for those who have no plans.

But me, am ready.

I'll let my summer stripes show me the way.

Thank you Kickers.

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