January 16, 2011

Professor's Pick: The Adidas Stan Smith 2 CF

January 11 marked my first day as an Advertising Professor at Cosmopoint International, a Malaysian-based advertising school in Quezon City.

Despite the fact that it wasn't my first time to teach (I have taught at AMA and ACSAT, also on a part-time basis a couple of years back), I was quite nervous for several reasons:

1.) I heard that the students were not your typical ones since the school is primarily art-based---read between the lines. Those who have been working in the same industry as I have, would immediately understand that  prim and proper is a far cry in this set up. But I guess with my vast experience in handling such kind of people (my agency is composed of one rowdy bunch), I believe I can survive.

2.) Being a non-techie person, the school's IT system intimidates me. But then again, I already have a back-up plan for this: I befriended all the key people (e.g. technicians, maintenance etc.) who can eventually save me from utter humiliation.

3.) I didn't have the slightest idea on what to wear.


Yup, you got it. The third reason is probably my major, major concern. Haha!

Just so you know, regular employees of the said school have their own set of uniforms which they wear on a regular basis: a navy blue regular-fitting shirt and khaki pants/ polo barongs paired with black slacks.

Err. So not me. The mere thought wearing such sends shivers shooting through my spine.

Hmmm, perhaps I can go corporate?

Say long-sleeved polo, slacks and leather shoes.

Err. Still not me. Too business-like. Those who know me personally can attest to the fact that I was never really corporate.


I finally decided on just sporting the best look I have mastered for years: the adman creative look.

Adman Creative look: Fun, Hip, Stylish. Corporate turned colorful.

I rummaged through my closet and found a bunch of clothes which I haven't worn yet.

A new career demands a new top and bottom to match.

Since I wanted to present myself as a cheerful professor (the darn kids must love me so I can make them obey me. Haha! That's my strategy), I opted to wear a yellow top from Adidas.

Got a slim fitting jeans to go well with my fab top.

And last but not the least, my chosen pair of shoes:

The Adidas Stan Smith 2 CF.

The Adidas Stan Smith 2 CF is another quirky addition to my growing roster of walkers.

Quite colorful, comfortable and easy to wear, its changeable velcro straps (in eggplant and white) make it a highly versatile pair which can match most outfits. Not bad for a pair that costs P 3,495.

The  green, purple and orange accent shades are offset by its predominantly white body, giving it a more streamlined look.

Here's a picture of me prior to attending my first class.

 I managed to overcome all my initial worries before the class ended: the students were nice and cooperative; I had no technical difficulties, thanks to the maintenance guy who helped me out and I think I found the perfect outfit to convince everyone that being corporate need not be bland.

Not bad for a first day.

Thank you Adidas.

Thank you Stan Smith 2 CF.


Anonymous said...

hey professor! sent you the versatile blogger award! check my recent post.

Myke Celis said...

@lootwagon: thanks a bunch!

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